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We treat our patients with the most careful and individual approach, stylish eye-wear and latest innovations in contact lenses in a relaxed and friendly environment.


At Choice Optical we offer our customers with the latest selection of designer brand name frames and sunglasses. Please click here to see all the brand’s we carry. We offer the best name brand lenses to our customers which include Essilor, Nikon, Zeiss.


Sight/Vision Testing is performed by a qualified optician with the latest computerized Eye Logic vision testing system. Eye logic is a quick and accurate way of determining the prescription required (if any) for a person's glasses or contacts. We always guarantee both our results and your satisfaction.


Calgary's bright year-round sunlight not only causes visual discomfort, but may also induce cataracts and other complications. Special sunglass tints and coatings are available to reduce brightness, glare and harmful ultraviolet radiation. Your vision will be more comfortable and safer with proper Sunwear.


At Choice Optical, we pride ourselves in providing proper lens care and support to our clients. We take a great deal of care in choosing a lens that will match your lifestyle, provide you with the best vision and comfort possible, and be safe to wear for many years.


Eyes are the windows to the soul. Without eyes our five basic senses are incomplete. So, how often should you have your eyes examined? Regular eye exams are recommended to ensure your eyes are healthy. Following is the recommended frequency for the eye exams.


At choice optical we can direct bill most insurance companies so that you do not have to pay upfront for glasses and collect later.