Vision Test

Sight/Vision Testing is performed by an qualified optician with the latest computerized Eye Logic vision testing system.

Eye logic is a quick and accurate way of determining the prescription required (if any) for a person's glasses or contacts. We always guarantee both our results and your satisfaction.

Contact Lense Fitting

    At Choice Optical, we pride ourselves in providing proper lens care and support to our clients. We take a great deal of care in choosing a lens that will match your lifestyle, provide you with the best vision and comfort possible, and be safe to wear for many years.

    Fit & Physiological Health Assessment
    Astigmatism & Bifocal design
    Color enhanced toric disposables
    Disposable & extended wear
    Color contact lens disposables
    Monthly / bi-weekly / daily disposable lenses
    Lenses designed specifically for dry or sensitive eyes
    Rigid gas permeable lenses
    Conventional soft lenses

One Hour Service

At Choice Optical, we pride ourselves in providing One hour Service on Most Single Vision Lenses.

Direct Billing

We direct bill Alberta Blue Cross for you.


We try our best to repair your eyewear for FREE.