Time for a new look? See and look your best with a new set of frames from Choice Optical. We feature a great selection of eyewear in the latest styles and trends and in all shapes and colours. Try on a new pair during your next visit and take advantage of our complimentary Vision test with your next eyewear purchase!

Our Choice Advantage offers the following:

    Exclusive, latest fashions and designer frames
    Prescription sunglasses in many latest designer sunwear
    Kids Packages, special deals on kids frames in many popular kids brands
    Seniors discounts
    Special assistance on receiving the health benefit from the Alberta Gov't.
    On-site Laboratory
    One hour service on most Single Vision Lenses
    Major brand name frames over 1000 in stock
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Choice optical carries every major brand of eyeglass lenses available on the market today. We have lenses available from Essilor. Nikon, Kodak, Zesis and Pentax to name a few.

Anti Reflective Coatings, photochromics, photgrey, polarized, UV 400, are also available at Choice Optical.

Choice Lite Lenses are great for Rimless Wear and are impact resistance for safety purposes.

Our staff will help you decide what kind of lenses will work best for you, at the best price.

Contact Lense Fitting

    At Choice Optical, we pride ourselves in providing proper lens care and support to our clients. We take a great deal of care in choosing a lens that will match your lifestyle, provide you with the best vision and comfort possible, and be safe to wear for many years.

    Fit & Physiological Health Assessment
    Astigmatism & Bifocal design
    Color enhanced toric disposables
    Disposable & extended wear
    Color contact lens disposables
    Monthly / bi-weekly / daily disposable lenses
    Lenses designed specifically for dry or sensitive eyes
    Rigid gas permeable lenses
    Conventional soft lenses

    As a contact lens wearer, you should be monitored professionally for short-term and long-term effects to ensure that your eye is comfortable and safe. Only by visiting your contact lens Fitter at Choice Optical at no charge annually can adverse changes to your eyes be detected before damage is done to the cornea.

    If you are considering contact lenses, quality care for your eyes should be your first priority. Visit Choice Optical for free consultation.

    Choice Optical continues to be on the cutting edge of CONTACT LENS technology. Based on your needs and the latest information regarding the health of your eyes, our contact les fitter will be able to choose the most suitable lens for you from the myriad of lenses currently available

    As contact lenses are considered a medical device, we emphasize the health of your eyes with every lens used. That is why we offer a comprehensive service package in addition to your lenses, which includes:
    Six month contact lens check
    Replacement of lost or torn lenses
    A Starter Kit of Solution with each purchase.


    Calgary's bright year-round sunlight not only causes visual discomfort, but may also induce cataracts and other complications. Special sunglass tints and coatings are available to reduce brightness, glare and harmful ultraviolet radiation. Your vision will be more comfortable and safer with proper sunwear. Choose from our large selection of polarized and non-polarized glasses to suit your needs.

    Rayban, Oakley, Dolce & gabbana, D & G, Dior, Lacoste, Revo, Prada Sport, Prada, Versace, Serengeti, Valentino and many more